A ‘most embarrassing moment’ college admissions poem



admissionsMilan Patel, a 17-year-old senior at Palm Harbor University High School in Palm Harbor, Fla., shared this poem that he sent in with his application to the University of Florida’s honors program. It was written in response to this essay prompt: “Write a poem about your most embarrassing moment.”

The teenager likes to ski and snowboard and read classical literature and has spent time playing guitar for hospice patients and teaching meditation to cancer patients.

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The defiled undergarments

A poem by Milan Patel

The first day of kindergarten, I knew so few
I was but a young boy, so fragile and true
Little did I know in my pants I would poo

First math, then science, the day was a rush
“What sweet little kids” the teacher would gush
‘Til it was nap time, unto descended a hush

So distracted was I by all the festivities,
In part of my awe I abandoned proclivities,
I had not rationed time to use the facilities

Like a caterpillar with a bowel disorder I did lay,
On the floor in my sleeping bag I had to stay,
I believe what came next it is needless to say,

I was sent home early that day.

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